M & E Hospitality

Sitting in a beautiful snow filled valley with forest green and amethyst mountains rising high, touching the sky, where chilly cold winds blow...you’ll find this winter wonderland trailer of M and E.

Just knock at the door and step inside. This trailer is filled with soft twinkling candles, giving off great warmth and light, they seem to fill the atmosphere with love. You’ll be greeted with a hug that’s as warm as the candles light, making you feel just like your one of the family. Any care or concern you may have had, will melt away as you place your coat on a tall wooden coat rack.

M and E always know just what to do! They’ll serve you hot coffee, tea or cocoa...something delicious and warm. E is always trying out new recipes, today she is making her famous Chocolate-Bombs, they are sure to blast away any dessert cravings you may have. No guilt here, they’re healthy treats to eat!

M is a musical wonder, he plays all kinds of instruments, but the drums seem to be his beat. So while you enjoy one of E’s delicious snack, go ahead and tap your frosty toes to M’s awesome sounds, the vibrations are sure to warm your feet. Somedays M will set up a wild winter wonderland light show for everyone to enjoy...this is something he likes to do for the New Year or a special occasion. He and E always know how to make they’re guest feel extra special!

M and E are game enthusiast too...so don’t be surprised if you find yourself involved in some hilariously fun game making you laugh till your sides ache. FYI...M usually wins.     

I mustn’t forget to tell you how much love and warmth you’ll receive from their friendly, fuzzy, furbabies. There are two sweet kittens and a lovable little pup...yes this little trailer is filled with all the comforts and love of home sweet home.

So if you’re ever fortunate enough to visit this beautiful snow covered valley, where M and E live; hop on by and say hi! You’re always welcome at M&E’s Hospitality Trailer….