Dandelion Duckling

  “Rain, rain, is it here to stay? Rain, rain, I love to play in your puddles everyday! You give the flowers drops of you; bringing spring weather with storming clouds too. Rain, rain, I love to play and sing songs of you until I find May!”

   Dandelion Duckling, oh how she loves to sing and play in the rain. She is so happy to see all the April showers that have stormed our way...she just can’t get enough. Going all around the community telling everyone to come out and frolic.

  She’ll be splishing and splashing all over the town. Her little webbed feet carrying her quickly about, no puddle is to be left out.

  Dandelion Duckling loves to dance too. She does a dance where the rain rolls down her bright butter yellow back, making her wiggle, waddle, shiver and quack. Then, for the grand finale...she’ll puff up her fluffy feathers while vigorously shaking her curly little tail.

  Wow! Watch the raindrop’s fly! It’s like she has created her own rainstorm in the rainbow filled sky!

  Hope these April showers have you singing and dancing to the tune of spring flowers, and may you find a feathery friend to play in a puddle with, during these wet weather days.

  “Rain, rain is it here to stay?”