Lovey Dovey

  I created this Valentine’s Day piece with all you “Love Birds” in mind. Yes, these two little birds are so in love with each other, they just have to be together all the time. Their hearts beat as one.  
 Did you ever have a moment like that? When you felt you just had to be with the one you love 24\7?  If not, I hope this is the year you find that feeling of very special heart popping, heart stopping love.

  And for those of you who have found that wonderful love, hold tight to it and keep it warm with all the sweetness you have to give.

   There are all kinds of love, but the truest of these is the love that you give unconditionally, no strings attached, a love that puts all others before oneself. May we demonstrate this love with each and every person we come into contact with today and always….

   “There is no remedy for love but to love more.”
                                          -Henry David Thoreau-

  Happy Valentine’s Day!

  Feel free to share the “Love” of this piece with those you cherish....because there can never be too much love to go around.