The Bunnies

Love is in the air, and pretty much anywhere these two adorable Bunnies are.

Meet Jackson and Jessica Bunnie...they are so in love and today they have decided to show the rest of the world how much they want to be together by making their happy, hopping relationship a great union. 

Invitations have gone out all over the Rabbit Burrow so that all who know and love Jackson and Jessica are present today at this wonderful sea and sand celebration of their loving union. 

After the ceremony there will be loads of delicious dishes for eating. Yummy things like, carrots with raisins and melted honey butter, carrot ginger soup, carrots and green beans with spicy red sauce, carrot rice pudding, and strawberry lemonade for drinking. But, best of all the beautiful carrot, blackwalnut cake decorated with tiny carrots and leaves of fresh mint all on top of a delicate honey sweet vanilla icing. 

When everyone has had their fill of carrot delights, then the music will start and joyous laughter will float out onto the salty sea air as every bunny is seen doing the bunny hop. 

Soon the sun will set deep into the sea and the stars will gently twinkle in the night sky. The sound of the celebrations laughter will fade off as each bunny gives Jackson and Jessica their best whiskery wishes with ticklish kisses, then hops off on their way...leaving Jackson and Jessica Bunnie to the beautiful wave filled evening, while dreaming of the grand, adventurous future that lays before them….