Pink Violet

Oh, it’s so early...but not for this adorable, busy, tiny, whimsical fairy.

Pink Violet gets up early every morning, especially in the summer;  she is busy gathering together all the ingredients she’ll need to make wonderful, tasty delights for her customers. 

A warm, sweet, delicious smell of muffins baking in a small stone oven, drifts into the summer morning’s air. The fragrant flavors of strawberry, blueberry, cranberry and raspberry tickle your nose as you enter her whimsical, woodsy, eating space. Some of these magical muffins may even have freshly ground walnuts mixed into them, giving them a scrumptious, earthy, crunch! And don’t forget to spoon on a small dollop of honey butter! 

As you watch the honey butter gently melt down the sides of your delicious berry muffin...give thanks to Pink Violet’s very busy friends who supply this sweet deliciousness. The very busy Honey Bees! You’ll find them buzzing around her lovely violet flowers and plump, juicy strawberries, growing in her charming little garden just outside her whimsical, woodsy cafe. 

Pink Violet’s specialty is her freshly brewed “Pink Violet Tea!” Yes, every morning as the sunrise starts to kiss the last of the night sky, Pink Violet makes a trip deep into the cool, emerald green forest where she finds a treasured freshwater spring. She’ll collect up fairy buckets full of refreshing springwater, which will later be placed into her fanciful fairy teapot. She’ll be brewing up the most beautiful, sweet, strawberry and violet tea to serve to her woodland fairy friends and customers. She is known all throughout the fairy kingdom for this delicious, delicate, delight! The sweetness of the strawberries mixed with the delicate flavors of the violets, stirred together with a touch of golden honey are one of the best ways to start your day.

So when you find yourself needing a delicious morning wake up, flutter your wings on over to  Pink Violet’s whimsical, woodsy cafe and enjoy a delicious berry muffin - along with a delicious cup of Pink Violet Tea on me.

Have A Happy Summer!