Snow Lovie's Visit

Dashing through the snow! Look at how they go!

Delightfully singing a happy winter tune, Papa, Momma, Poppi and Pup Snow-Lovie are enjoying a wild sleigh ride through the village of Snow Blossom. I bet they’re on their way to see Anthony, Sasha, Greg and Bridgette Snow-Lovie!

Pup can’t wait to get there and play with his friends Greg and Bridgette. He’s heard they received some new toys to play with. Hanging out and playing with your best buddies is always super fantastic fun...especially when they share their blessings with you.

Poppi is excited to be driving the sleigh, it’s her first time driving in the village of Snow-Blossom. She steers the sleigh with great expertise. She hasn’t any worries of a Snow Soul getting in the way of the sleigh, because she’s tied a couple jingling bells on the back. The bells sing along in song with the Snow-Lovie’s as they fly through the slick wintery streets of Snow-Blossom.

Papa and Momma Snow-Lovie are excited’s been a long time since they’ve all been together. There will be lots of catching up to do. And of course Papa Snow-Lovie will tell his many funny, flurryful, snow stories...again...making everyone’s snowy sides ache with laughter.

Momma Snow-Lovie will be happy to just sit back and take in all the winter-wonderful joy, while munching on one of Sasha’s amazing ginger cookies with butter rum icing. Anthony will be happily serving up some of his newly made warm ginger spiced-apple cider.  

The Snow-Lovie’s believe being together is Snow Wonderful...and are hopeful to be seeing more of each other as the year turns by.

So if you happen to see the Snow-Lovie’s flying through your village on their jingling sleigh, shout out a fabulously frosty hello and wave your colorful mittens as they go dashing along singing a merry winter song….